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Alpine Goat Breed :

Country of Origin: This Goat was Originated in the Alps, probably from crossing Swiss Alpine breeds with British goats.

Height at withers (males & females) (cm.) : 75 to 85.

Alpine Goat Average Daily Milk Yield in the Tropics (kg.) : 0.9 to 1.3 with 3.6% fat.

Colour and Horn Character of Alpine Goats : Colour varies from black to white to black. They may be horned or polled, when present are of the scimitar (curved) type.

Other Characteristics : The Alpine  breed is valued first for its milk production. In tropic yield is about 0.9-1.3 kg. per day with 3.6% fat. It has erect ears and straight nose. The breed is more adapted to mountainous areas and in tropical environment. Average live weight is 60-65 kg. The breed is not suited in areas of high humidity . There are usually 2 kids in a litter.

Alpine Goat
Alpine Goat.

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