Best Mutton Type Sheep in Tamil Nandu

Best mutton type sheep in Tamil Nadu:

Madras red
Madras red – a mutton breed
  1. Mecheri: Salem, Namakkal and Coimbatore districts of Tamil Nadu. Medium sized light brown in colour. Both sexes are polled. Body covered by very short hairs. Adult male: 35 kg, female: 22 kg
  2. Kilakarsal or Kilakarisal: Ramnad, Madurai and Tanjore districts of Tamil Nadu Brown/ dark tan in colour with black spots on head belly and legs. Medium sized ears. Males have thick twisted horns. Most animals have wattle.
  3. Vembur: Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Tall animals, coat colour is dark tan with black spots on head, belly and legs. Medium sized drooping ears. Males horned. Ewes polled. Body covered with short hairs. Adult male: 34 kg, female: 27 kg.
  4. Coimbatore: Coimbatore and Salem districts of Tamil Nadu. Medium sized animals white with black or brown spots. 30% of males polled. Fleece white hairy and open. Adult male: 24 kg, female: 20 kg
  5. Ramnad White: Ramnad and Sivagangai districts of Tamil Nadu. Medium sized predominantly white. Ears medium sized and directed outward and downward. Males have twisted horns. Ewes polled short and thin tail. Adult male: 31 kg, female: 22 kg
  6. Madras Red: Chennai and Kancheepuram districts of Tamil Nadu. Body colour predominantly brown, the intensity varying from light tan to dark brown. Some animals may have white markings on forehead, inside the thigh and lower abdomen. Medium sized drooping ears.   Tail short and thin.   Rams have strong, corrugated and twisted horns. Ewes polled. Body covered with short hairs. Adult male: 35 kg, female: 23 kg
  7. Trichy black: Trichy, Thiruvannamalai, Dharmapuri districts of Tamil Nadu. Small animals. Body is completely black. Males horned, ewes polled fleece extremely coarse, hairy and open. Ears and tail small. Adult male: 25 kg, female: 18 kg

Selection of sheep for breeding    

  • It is necessary to select suitable improved breed of sheep available in particular area.
  • Crossbred sheep are available for purchase from state Government / Government of India sheep breeding farms.
  • Ewes can be purchased in regular sheep markets or from breeders in villages, while male sheep (rams) of exotic / crossbred from Government farms.
  • It is desirable to purchase healthy animals of 12-18 months of age.
  • A certificate regarding age and health of sheep should be obtained from the veterinary assistant surgeon.
  • The animals purchased have to be identified by fixing ear tags.
  • Sheep should be vaccinated for important diseases like sheep-fox and enterotoxaemia.
  • An entrepreneur should have a unit of 20-30 ewes and one ram.

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