Black Bengal Goat Breed Profile Information

Black Bengal Goat Breed Profile Information:-

The Black Bengal goat is a breed of goat found in the West Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa regions of northeastern India and throughout Bangladesh.

This breed is usually colored black but it is also found in brown, white or gray. The Black Bengal goat is small in size. Its body structure is tight.

Its horns are small and legs are short. An adult male goat weights about 25 to 30 kg and female 20 to 25 kg. It is poor in milk production.

It is very popular in Bangladesh because of its very low demand of food and very high baby production rate.

The Black Bengal goats gain sexual maturity very fast. The female goat becomes pregnant twice a year and gives birth to 2–3 baby goats every time.

This breed can adapt to any environment easily and its disease preventive ability is very high. It produces high-quality meat and skin. This breed plays a very important role in reducing unemployment and poverty from Bangladesh.

Benefits of Raising Black Bengal Goat:
There are many benefits of Black Bengal goat farming. The main of those are described below.

  • As goat is a small animal, it’s food demand is relatively low.
  • They require less space for living than other livestock.
  • The necessary capital and investment for starting goat farming business with this breed is very low and it is within the ability of general people.
  • Diseases are relatively less than other domestic animal.
  • Produce many goats in short time.
  • The female goat became pregnant twice a year and give birth 2-3 baby goat each time.
  • The meat, skin and milk of this goat has a huge demand in Bangladesh and abroad.
  • The goat milk prevent tuberculosis and asthma. For this reason it has a great demand to the Bangladeshi people.
  • Raising Black Bengal goat can be considered as an additional source of income for the landless farmer.
  • Black Bengal Goat
    Black Bengal Goat.


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