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Boer Goat Profile:

This article talks about Boer Goat Breed Profile.

The Boer Goat Profile

Boer Goats were developed in South Africa in the early 1900’s for meat production.  Their name is derived from the Dutch word “Boer” meaning farmer.  They were selected for meat rather than milk production.  The Boer Goat has a fast growth rate and excellent carcass qualities, making it one of the most popular breeds.  Boer Goats have a high resistance to disease and adapt well to hot, semi-dry island climates.
The most striking difference between a Boer meat goat and any other type of goat you may have seen, is the size.
The Boer animal was developed for meat production and hardiness. The Boer goat will consistently produce more muscling in less time than any other breeds of goat and will pass this capability onto their kids.
Boer Meat Goats are minimal care animals that are browsers by nature, preferring brush, shrubs, trees and broad leaf weeds and grasses.  Boer goats raised for meat production are typically raised on pastures or rough country.
Boer Goats can be raise effectively in combination with cattle due to their preference browse and the resulting limited impact on the grass cover.

The main features Boer Goats

Adaptable to all types of climates from hot tropical to cold climates
Fast growth and excellent feed conversion ratio
High twinning percentage
Early maturity

Adult weight

Male 75 to 80 kg
Female 45 to 50 kg Kidded Boer doe
Weights of pure and cross bred kids
– 3 months: approx. 12 to 18 kg
– 6 months: approx. 18 to 28 kg
Boer Goat.
Boer Goat.
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