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Bonpala Sheep Profile Info:

Let us discuss about Bonpala sheep profile information in the following write up.

Description of  the Breed: This Sheep breed is native to southern Sikkim. The animals are tall, leggy and well-built. The fleece colour ranges from completely white to completely black with a number of intermediary shades, and the quality is coarse, hairy and open . The ears are small and tubular and both sexes are horned. The tail is thin and short and the belly and legs are devoid of wool. Shearing is generally undertaken twice annually producing about 400-500 grams of wool per year.

The average fibre diameter is 66 μ with a medullation percentage of 95. According to the 18th Livestock Census of 2007, there are 596,966 Bonpala sheep in India.

Bonpala Sheep.
Bonpala Sheep.

Breed Characteristics:

Average for both male and female
Body weight (kg) 41
Body length (cm) 75
Height at withers (cm)   73
Chest girth (cm) 80

Some Research Facts about this Breed:

The study was conducted to determine the genetic variation in Bonpala sheep using 24 microsatellite markers. 50 unrelated blood samples were collected from the jugular vein of the sheep and were processed for isolation of genomic DNA. Results revealed that all identified microsatellite loci were polymorphic in Bonpala bared sheep and in other sheep breeds. A total of 96 distinct alleles were identified in Bonpala sheep. The number of observed alleles varied from 2 to 7 with an overall mean number of alleles per locus of 4.0±1.25. The observed heterozygosity was 0.53±0.18 which was slightly lower than the expected heterozygosity within the Bonpala population diverged from 0.18. Bonpala sheep had a considerable genetic variation derived from its gene diversity as estimated against the genetic variation described in other sheep breeds.

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