Common Terms used in Sheep and Goats

Sheep and goats are important species of livestock for India. They contribute greatly to the agrarian economy, especially in areas where crop and dairy farming are not economical, and play an important role in the livelihood of a large proportion of small and marginal farmers and landless laborers.

The productivity of Indian sheep and goats is low, yet considering the nutritional and physical environmental conditions under which they are reared, it cannot be considered inefficient. Major reasons for this low productivity are inadequate grazing resources, disease problems and serious lack of organized efforts for genetic improvement. There is little selection of rams and bucks used for breeding, and much inter-mating among neighboring breeds takes place.

Common terms used in Sheep:-
Adult male                                          Ram/Tup
Adult female                                       Ewe
New born                                             Lamb
Young male                                         Ram lamb/Tup lamb
Young female                                     Ewe lamb/Gimmer lamb
Castrated male                                  Wether/Wedder
Castrated female                               Spayed
Yearlings                                             Hogget
Female with offspring                    Suckling
Act of parturition                             Lambing
Act of mating                                    Tupping
Pregnancy                                          Gestation
Sound produced                                Bleating
Group                                                   Flock/herd/mob
Species called as                               Ovine
Meat                                                     Mutton
Common terms used in Goat:-
Adult male                                          Buck
Adult female                                       Doe
New born                                            Kid
Young male                                        Buckling
Young female                                    Goatling
Castrated male                                  Wether/castrated goat
Castrated female                              Spayed
Female with offspring                    Suckling
Act of parturition                             Kidding
Act of mating                                     Serving
Pregnancy                                          Gestation
Sound produced                                Bleating
Group                                                   Flock/band
Species called as                               Caprine
Meat                                                     Chevon

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