Exotic Sheep Breeds Information in India

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Exotic Sheep Breeds in India:

Exotic Sheep Breeds – Merino:

Merino Sheep.
Merino Sheep.

This exotic sheep breed is native to spain and raised primarily for wool.
Generally merino sheep faces and feets are in white color.
Male merino sheeps have have horns and female sheeps are hornless.
Most of the merino sheep head and legs are covered by wool.
This exotic sheep breed hardy and can survive under any type of climatic and feed conditions.
The female merino sheep live & yield longer when compared to other breeds.

Exotic Sheep Breeds – Suffolk:

Suffolk Sheep.
Suffolk Sheep.

Suffolk breed is native to United Kingdom (UK).
This sheep breed is a large size animals.
Most of this bree sheep has black face and ear & legs.
There won’t be any wool on head and ears of this breed.
Both male suffolk and female suffolk sheep are polled.
These sheep raised fro both wool and meat. However, female sheep are excellent milkers and they are very prolific breeds.
One can obtain on an average wool yield of 2 to 3 kg.
The weight gain of this breed is very good and male sheep can attain a mature weight of 100 to 130 kg where as female sheep can attain a weight of 75 to 100 kg.

Exotic Sheep Breeds – Dorset:

Exotic Sheep Breeds.
Exotic Sheep Breeds.
Dorset Sheep.
Dorset Sheep.

This sheep breed is native to United Kingdom (U.K)
Male sheep and female sheep are polled and horned.
Most of this breeds face, ears and legs are white in color & free from wool.
One can expect an average wool yield of 3 to 3.25 kg.
Mature male Dorset sheep weighs about 80-100 kg and female sheep may each to 50-80 kg.
Dorset sheep breeds are hard and disease resistant and can survive under most climatic conditions.

Exotic Sheep Breeds – Cheviot:

Cheviot Sheep.

Cheviot Sheep.Cheviot is a medium wool breed and native to Scotland.
The sheep breed has erect ears with white face and legs.
Most of the sheep feet, nose and lips are in black color.
Matured male Cheviot sheep can attain a weight up to 75-80 kg where as female sheep can attain a weight up to 50-55 kg.
Exotic Sheep Breeds – Rambouillet:

Rambouillet Sheep.
Rambouillet Sheep.

This breed is native to France and these sheep has a large head with white hair around the nose and ears.
This breed is mainly raised for wool and meat. This sheep produce excellent fine wool.
Male sheep breed are with horns and female sheep breed are hornless.
Matured male sheep can reach upto 100-125 kg & female sheep can reach up to 80-90 kg.
The fleece covers most of the sheep body including face & legs.

Exotic Sheep Breeds – Southdown:

Southdown Sheep.
Southdown Sheep.

This breed is small and considered as a meat breed with an excellent carcass.
Southdown is one of the oldest English breeds. This breed had contributed to the development of many other sheep breeds across the world.
This sheep face is brown colored and head is broad.
Male sheep weigh about 75-80 kg & female sheep weigh about 50-55 at maturity.

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