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Little About: Beetal breed of goat is predominantly found in the districts of Gurdaspur, Amritsar and Firozpur in Punjab in its purest form, however, it has spread in other parts of Punjab and adjoining parts of Haryana in India.

The population of Beetal goats has reduced to a greater extent due to intensive agriculture and shrinkage of grazing land in Punjab. Normally smaller flocks are found and vary form 2-10 goats. Only 1% of th toal flocsk have goats exceeding 20 but not more than 50. Beetal is an outstanidn dairy breed and carry easy adaptation capability to varying environmental conditions.

Beetal Goat Description:

The breed is large but slightly smaller than Jamunapari and good dairy type. Coat color is variable, predominantly black (about 90%) or brown (10%) having spots of different sizes.

The ears are long and flat, curled and drooping. Both sexes have thick, medium-sizes. The ears are long and flat, curled and drooping. Both sexes have thick, medium-sized horns, carried horizontally with a slight twist directed backward and upward. Roman nose.

Male possesses marked beard while females are beardless. The tail is small and thin. The udder is large and developed having big conical teats.

Beetal Goat Performance:

Yield per lactation varies from 150-190 kg, averaging daily yield 2.0 kg. The litter size single 41%, twins 53% and triplets 6%.

Beetal Breed features:

Size (AVG) Male Female
Body weight (kg) 50 – 62 35 – 40
Body length (cm) 86.0 70.5
Chest girth (cm) 86.0 73.5



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