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Goat Farm Project Report.
Goat Farm Project Report.

Goat Farm Project Report (100+4)

Goat Farm Project Report :

The following goat farm project report is for 100 females and 4 males.


Black bengal goat

Black Bengal Goat.

Goat Farm Project Report: India has a very large and diverse genetic resource of goats. Goat plays a significant role in economic up-liftment of rural poor of our country. Consumption of goat meat (chevon) is increasing rapidly due to its social acceptability. This sector has tremendous potential in employment generation & poverty reduction. Before starting a Goat farm the entrepreneurs/ farmers are advised to under-go training on goat farming.

They can contact Local Animal Husbandry Department staffs/Veterinary College/agriculture University for the purpose. They should also visit progressive Goat farmers and government/ agricultural university goat farm in the locality. They must check the following points before starting a goat farm.

  1. Availability of good quality Parent stock in the locality.
  2. Marketing facility for goat & goat meat.
  3. Nearness of farm to veterinary hospital/Livestock Aid center.
  4. Availability of concentrates ,fodder & medicine in that locality.

Goat Farm Project Report-This project report is based on following assumption:

1-   Adult healthy  Does & bucks of black Bengal breed within 2 years of age will be purchased

2-   Manure produced in the farm will be utilized for fodder cultivation

3-   In case of death of adult goats new animal will be purchased from insurance claim money

4-   The above project will be economically viable under proper care & attention of the entrepreneur.

Goat Farm Project Report – Techno-economic Parameters:

Breed of GoatBlack Bengal
System of rearingSemi intensive
No. of Bucks4
No. of Does100
Age at Maturity (Months)10-12
Kidding/ interval (Months)8
No of kidding/year1.5
Kidding percentage80
Average litter size  (average of single, twinning, Triplet, quadruplet)2
Sex ratio1:1
Mortality(%) Kids20
Saleable age of kids (months)11
Expenditure norms
Space requirement sq ft.per head for Buck15 ,
Space requirement sq ft.per head for doe10
Space requirement sq ft.per head/kid4
Cost of construction (Rs.per sft)     Doe, Bucks ,Kids100
Cost of equipment (Rs.per adult animal)20
 Cost of green fodder cultivation (Rs./acre/season)5000
Concentrate feed : Adult does(one month before breeding and one month after kidding i.e. per kidding)6.75 kg per montth
Concentrate feed for Bucks (two months per breeding season)7.5 kg per month
Concentrate feed for Kids (for 30 days)3.75 kg per kid
Cost of conc. feed (Rs./kg)11
Labour (No.)1
Labour wages (Rs.per month)3000
Insurance (as percentage of the cost of breeding stock)4
Veterinary aid (Rs./adult/year)20
Income norms :
Sale price of Buck/(11month)1400
Sale price of Doe/(11month)1200
Income from manure is not assumed as it is used on the own farm for fodder cultivation.
Sale of Gunnyu bags (Rs./bag)10
Repayment norms:
Repayment period (years)6
Grace Period (years)1
Interest rate(%)12
Goat Farm Project Report.
Goat Farm Project Report.
Goat Farm Project Report – Flock projection chat for  Black Bengal Breed Goat
No. of does purchased100
No. of bucks purchased4
No. of kidding/year1.
No. of kids born male150150150150150150
No. of kids born female150150150150150150
No of kids died male 20%303030303030
No of kids died female 20%303030303030
No. of male kids available for saleKids produced in first year will be sold in second year & so on120120120120120
No. of female kids available for sale120120120120120


Goat Farm Project Report – Economics Of Goat Farming
Sl.noA-Capital cost(Amount in Rs.)
aConstruction low cost  Shed for 100does  @ 10sq.ft/adult Doe(Rs.100/sq.ft100000
b Construction of Shed for 4 bucks@15sq.ft/buck(Rs.100 sq.ft buck shed )6000
cConstruction of Shed for240 kids @4 sq.ft./ kids (1000sq.ft)@(Rs.100/sqft96000
eEquipments feeding trough buckets etc2000
fCost of 100 does@ 1500/doe150000
gCost of 3 bucks@2500/buck10000
hTOTAL CAPITAL COST                                                                 364000
Working Capital
aWages for one  labour @100/day for 1 year36000
bCost of insurance 4% of animal cost7000
cCost of concentrate feed for 100 does @6.75kg/month/doe  for two months i.e  kg@11/kg7425
dCost of concentrate feed for 4 bucks @7.5kg/adult animal for two months @ 11/kg 330
eCost of concentrate feed for 240 kids@3.75 kg/kid /month i.e  900kg for  one month @11/kg9900
fFodder cultivation in 4 acres of land@5000/acre/season20000
gMisc, expenditure i.e.  vaccine medicine and veterinary aid and electricity2000
hTotal Working Capital                                                                         85655
TOTAL PROJECT COST                               449655
IMargin money  @15% of project cost67449
iiBank loan@85% of project costsay382207382200


Cash FlowGoat Farm Project Report – Project period (year)Amount in Rs.
aWages for  labour @100/day for 1 year360003600036000360003600036000
bCost of insurance 4% of animal cost700070007000700070007000
cCost of concentrate feed for buck does and kids176551765517655176551765517655
dFodder cultivation  of land@5000/acre/crop for two crops400004000040000400004000040000
eMisc, expenditure i.e.  vaccine medicine and veterinary aid200020002000200020002000
Total expenditure102655102655102655102655102655102655
1Sale price of male goats @1400/buck168000168000168000168000168000
2Sale price of female goats @1200/doe144000144000144000144000144000
3Sale price of gunny bag300300500300300500
4Value of closing stock 100 doe, 4buck, @ average 1200/adult& 240 kids @ 500/kid144800
5Value of shed(10% depreciation/year80800
6Value of equipment  15000(20% depreciation /year)Nil
89Gross profit-102355209645209845209645209645435445


Goat Farm Project Report – Calculation of BCR and IRR
Capital Costs364000     
Recurring Cost102655102655102655102655102655102655
Total Costs466655102655102655102655102655102655
Net Benefit-466355209645209845209645209645435445


PW Costs @ 15%705017.81
PW Benefits @ 15%910589.60
B.C. Ratio1.29:1
I.R.R. (%)29.24


Goat Farm Project Report – Repayment schedule
YearLoan OutstandingGross SurplusInterestPrincipalTotal RepaymentSurplus

Note: Please check the Local market Goat values/labour/land costs  as of now and accordingly calculate your capacity to go for Goat farming. The Provided Goat Farm Project Report is based on assumptions. However, actual scenario may depend on many factors.

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