Goat Farming with Stall feeding is Profitable

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How and Why Goat Farming with Stall-feeding is Profitable? :-

Stall-fed goats can ideally fit into the intensive integrated farming system (IIFS). The small animals are the most efficient converters of farm and crop residues into excellent organic manure. Several farmers are successfully running stall-fed goat farms and they have found that such an integrated farming venture is most productive and profitable as well. 
 Following are the reasons why Stall fed goats are more profitable than open grazed goats: 
1.Conservation of Energy, which otherwise the animal would  waste its energy in hunting after the fodder. For example, a goat that has to travel farther for feed will have a higher maintenance requirement than goat in a feed lot.
2.    Better conversion of energy, available from fed and fodder into flesh and milk.
3.    Prevention of indiscriminate grazing, thereby offering optimum scope for re-growth of  fodder.
4.    Prevention of uncontrolled mating.
5.    Better collection and utilization of manure.
6.    Control and reduction of parasitic re-infestation.
7.    Close supervision and easy management.
8.    Easy access for record keeping.
9.    No danger from wild animals and predators.
Stall feeding Goat pic

 Want to start goat farming ?

Make sure the Following requisites are to be fulfilled.

1. You need to devote adequate time for goat farming. Training / experience in this field is preferable.
2. Ensure that the Veterinary assistance/ care must be with in the reach.
3. Own land with adequate water facility is needed for growing the green fodder.
4. One skilled worker with some experience in this field is a must.
5. Shed and open place covered with chain link mesh for stall-fed goat farming is
If you can fulfill all these requisites, you can start the goat farming…! Good Luck.

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