Goat Project Report-Osmanabadi Breed

Goat Project Report for Osmanabadi breed and Economics  for 50 does + 2 bucks:

The following article details about goat project report for osmanabadi goats.

goat project - osmanabadi
goat project – osmanabadi

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Initial Start up for goat project :

Goat Unit Size :    50 Does (Female Goats)

Breed Goats    :     2 Bucks (Osmanabadi  Male Goats, Typically for every 25 females, 1 male)

Preferred/Typical Location s:  Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra

Space Requirement for goat project:

Basically Goats prefer clean, dry and solid floor; wet places affect their milk production and growth. They need good shelter  or shed to protect them from the Nature distraction like rain, winter , heavy winds and predators. the space requirement   and the cost associated  is furnished in the table below:

S.No.Type of goat Quantity Space in sq/ft   Total space needed Rate/sq ft Total cost

1.       Does           50            10                   500                           40             20,000.00
2        Buck           2              20                   40                             40             1,600.00
3.       Kids           68              4                    272                           40            10,880.00
Total = 32,480.00
Roughly= 32,500.00

Goat cost chart: (Please assume the rates may vary depends on the state, size or market conditions)

No Type of Goat Spending Rate for Goats Total Cost (Rs)
1 Does (Females) 50 * 900 45,000
2 Bucks(Males) 2*   1,100 2,200
3 Total Investment 47,200

Main Assumption in this goat project model:

No Main Items  Factors
1 Kidding interval 8 months
2 Age at maturity 12 months
3 Kidding percentage 85
4 Twinning percentage 70
5 No. of Kiddings per year 1.5
6 Sex ratio (male : female) 1:1
osmanabadi-Buck (Male)
osmanabadi-Buck (Male)

Targetd production annually:

1. Adult Does   10
2. Buckling       55
3. Doeling         42

Fodder/Feed  requirement for goat project :
Traditionally goats reared in villages are not given much attention towards their feed and fodder. However, for proper breeding and milk production to help in twinning support, attention needs to be paid to the feeding requirement, which will be green fodder and concentrate comprising channa (gram) and moong chaff, gur etc. Male goats require maximum feed followed by pregnant goats and kids. The cost of green fodder is estimated as Rs.1000/- per month Once in year, concentrate requirement will be 2 months for does, 2 months for bucks and 1 month for kids at a price of Rs.4 per kg.

The approximate feed calculations are explained below :

S.No Goat Type Each Goat Requires feed (in KG) Total feed Requirement Feed Cost per Kg (Economic Feed cost) Total cost(in Rs.)
1 Does 6.75 6.75kg × 2 months ×50 heads        4 2,700
2 Bucks 7.5 7.5 kg × 2 months ×2 heads         4 120
3 Kids 3.75 3.75 kg × 1 month ×68 heads        4 1,020
Total 3,840
Approx round up 4000

Total feed Cost is Rs.12000 + 4000 = 16000 per annum (Note: Feed cost is given approx matley this may be high every year as feed cost is going up every year).

Working Cash flow required for goat project :

No.    Items                                                                                  Total cost (in Rs.)
1.      Feed cost: concentrate and green fodder for one month  = 3,440.00
2.      Labour cost – self (15 days)                                                 = 1,000.00
3.      Others                                                                                      =  700.00
Total  =  5,140.00
Approx round up   =  5,100.00

Total goat project cost of project :
S. No. Items                                                                         Total cost (in Rs.)
1.        Land development (L.S.)                                                      = 10,000.00
2.       Cost of thatched roof shed etc.                                             = 32,500.00
3.       Miscellaneous equipment like buckets, tank etc.              = 1,000.00
4.       Cost of animals including transportation, insurance, etc. = 51,000.00
5.       Miscellaneous and contingencies etc.                                  =  400.00
6.       Working capital                                                                      = 5,100.00
Total  = 1,00,000.00

Goat project economics:
A.   From 2nd year of project Amount (in Rs.)                         Amount in Rs
Sales Realization
(a)  Sale of adult does 15 nos @ Rs.800                        = 12,000.00
(b) Sale of buckling 60 nos @ Rs.900                            =  54,000.00
(c) Sale of doeling 45 nos @ Rs.800                               = 36,000.00
Total amount = 1,00,000.00

B. Cost of Production
(i) Fodder and feed cost                             =                                       16,000.00
(ii) Medicine                                                 =                                         1,000.00
(iii) Insurance                                              =                                        2,000.00
(iv) Labour Wages                                      =                                        24,000.00
(v) Interest                                                  =                                         5,880.00
(vi) Misc. (Veterinary services etc.)        =                                        1,280.00
Total                          =                                       50,160.00
C.               Cash profit                             =                                       49,840.00
D. Depreciation/Amortisation of expenses @10%     =                   9,500.00
E.                    Net Profit                                               =                   43,040.00

Bottom Line:  in goat project ,The sex ratio of doeling to buckling is 1:1. So, production of each is equal. But
sale of doeling indicated is less as some doeling will be kept on the farm for future
reproduction plan . Profitability may be increased by selling  goat milk wherever feasible. With each
passing year profitability would improve further due to increase in number of animals in the farm.

Note: The Goat project cost  may vary in different States & Regions depending on state specifics and conditions.
It is assumed that the goat rearing is suitable in the given locality.

Financial Assistance and Loan for goat project :  There are many state and Centrally Governed schemes available for subsidies in goat farming. To find more information on the goat project information ,visit their official website www.nabard.org.

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