Goat Suppliers in Udipi-Karnataka Info

Goat suppliers details in Udipi, Karnataka:

The following article talks about goat suppliers in Udipi, Karnataka state, India.

Coastal Goat Farm Udupi:

Located at Perdoor Village, Udupi District, near Manipal. Coastal Goat farm is one of the finest Stall Fed Goat Farm in India

barbari goat
barbari Goat

Coastal Goat Farm  Primarily deals with Sirohi, Boer, Beetal, Jamunapari, Barbari, Totapari, Tellichery, Karoli, Sojat and other Indian Goat breeds . Most of the above type of goats fit the waste/dry land Stall Fed Goat farming system.

In today’s world QUALITY is something which every supplier would like to offer and every consumer would like to receive. The important reason to raise the goats in stall is QUALITY.

Stall fed goats are preferred for many reasons, these goats are raised and nourished in clean and neat sheds, providing best health and food for the goats.

The stall fed system is advantageous for both the farmer and the consumer, while the farmer benefit from control over each and every goat, their fast growth, better control over diseases and better utilization of manure, the consumer gets the QUALITY product.

Sirohi Goat

Does (Female Goats):

* Kidding size of 1-2 kids
* Mature at 9-18 months

Bucks (Male Goats):

* Tall with a broad chest and slender body
* Matures at age of 9-12 months


* Natural growth with Protein rich green fodder
* Concentrate feed with maize, Pulses, Wheat, Oil cakes and Mineral Mixture.
* Running fresh water

De-worming and Vaccinations:

* As per schedule for Goat Kids, Does, Bucks and Pregnant does.

goat boer
goat boer


* Every type has a different growth rate.

Note: Precautions should be taken while buying the goat from breeders. Select only healthy, disease free, multi kidding goats for your goat farm set up. Profits in goat farming depend mainly on breed type.

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