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hassan sheep
hassan sheep

The Hassan breed of sheep as the name suggests is traditional to the Hassan district of Karnataka.

They are small to medium animals and have a white body with light brown or black spots. The ears are medium-long and drooping, 39% of the males are horned; females are usually polled. The fleece is white, extremely coarse and open, and the legs and belly are generally devoid of wool. The face is usually black with the color extending up to the neck. In some animals the legs are also black. Lambing rate is about 64% and the litter size is mainly single. Breeding is carried out within the flock, with rams selected on the basis of body size and conformation. The sheep are generally shorn twice a year. The average annual fleece weight is 300 to 400 gm.

According to the 18th Livestock Census the number of Hassan sheep in the country is 645,564.

Adult Male Adult Female
 Average Body weight (kg) 33 28
 Average Body length (cm) 64 62
 Average Height at withers (cm) 64 61
 Average Chest girth (cm) 75 72

Advantages of Hassan Sheep:

  • Adaptable to all types of climates from hot tropical to cold climates
  • Fast growth and excellent feed conversion ratio
  • High twinning percentage
  • Produces very good crossbreds with local goats

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