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Identifying Sick Sheep.
Identifying Sick Sheep.

Identifying Sick Sheep Information

Identifying Sick Sheep and Sheep Terminology:

Identifying Sick Sheep.
Identifying Sick Sheep.

Introduction:- To be successful in sheep farming, one should be aware of sheep diseases and symptoms. Identifying sick sheep is very important to reduce the mortality. Timely identifying sick sheep and isolating them from healthy sheep will reduce the risk of other sheep getting similar kind of diseases. Once sick sheep are found, contact your local veterinary doctor for cure and suggestions. The following explains how to identify a sick animal in sheep farming:

Identifying sick sheep in the farm:

S.No.ParameterHealthy SheepSick Sheep
1.Look of SheepAlertDull / Weak
2.Head of  SheepRaisedBent downwards
3.Eyes of  SheepWide open, brightDull with white deposition at the corners
4.Conjunctival m.m.NormalPale or congested
5.Nose of SheepNo dischargeSlimy discharge
6.Movement of SheepActiveSluggish, lameness
7.Response of SheepQuickSlow
8.Feces of SheepNormalHard / loose, mucus/blood-stained, discolouration, dysentry
9.Pulse (/min) of Sheep70-90 


10.Body temperature (oF)102Increased
11.Respiration (/min) of Sheep12-30Increased, difficult
12.Grazing HabitNormalAbnormal
13.Rumination of SheepRegularIrregular
14.Feed and water intake of SheepNormalReduced
15.Udder ConditionNormalSwollen
16.Skin ConditionHealthyInfected, external parasites.

Most of the beginners who wants to start sheep farming should know about sheep terminology being used in sheep farming in order to understand the sheep world. Here is the list of common sheep terms.

The following details about common sheep terminology used in sheep:

S.No.SpecificsCommon Term used
1Adult male  Ram / Tup
2Adult femaleEwe
3New bornLamb
4Young maleRam lamb / Tup lamb
5Young femaleEwe lamb / Gimmer lamb
6Castrated maleWether / Wedder
7Castrated femaleSpayed
9Female with offspringSuckling
10Act of parturitionLambing
11Act of matingTupping
13Sound producedBleating
15Species called asOvine
16GroupFlock / Herd / Mob.

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