Importance of Sheep and Goat Farming

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Goat Farming Importance:

Importance of Sheep and Goat Farming:

Sheep and goats are one of the most affordable animals in the world and can be accommodated in any kind of weather conditions. They are also called poor man cow. Raising/Rearing goats and sheep will contribute a lot to the economy by providing local employment and import and export.

Goat farming
Goat farming

The main purpose of sheep and Goat farming is to produce enough meat and wool for increasing population across the world. Manure is natural compost for the fertile lands which gives more production of crop yielding. apart from this their milk and skin can also be marked very easily.

Sheep can survive in drought areas and also they can be stall fed. You can start from 2 sheep or goats and make them multiplied over a period of time. As meat consumption is increasing heavily, goat or sheep meat can be sold in a very quick way. Find the best breeds available locally which gives more kidding so that you can see a big flock in short period of time. Sometimes cross breeders are good for gaining the meat in short time.

Health Benefits of Goat Milk: Goat milk is one of healthiest out on the market today. With its creamy texture, high mineral and vitamin content, goat milk replaces many of the supplements which people consume daily. Goat milk is better for most people than cow milk simply because it is has smaller fat globules which makes easy to digest. People can benefit from selling goat milk on daily basis. 

They are three types to select 1) Meat purpose 2) Dairy purpose or 3) Wool purpose

First and Foremost, one should have a sufficient land, shelter with water facility before starting up a sheep or goat farm. Veterinary doctor should be hired for weekly checkups and scheduled vaccinations. 

sheep farming
sheep farming

Fodder production also very important in rearing sheep or goat. We can graze them naturally but expect less gain weight. You can make Silage from maze (corn) or from other Crops or Grasses. Taking care of ewes health and feed is crucial in sheep or goat farming. How many sheep or goat we can start a commercial goat or sheep farm? And how much does it cost? It’s all depends on you..Land with Shelter, vaccinations, and producing fodder from different crops and Initial investment for buying animals and any labor cost or machinery for milking/wool/or silage production are major financial factors involved. 

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