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Indian Sheep Guide for Beginners:

The following article talk about sheep farming in India.


Sheep in india
Sheep in India.

Sheep with its multi facet utility (for meat, wool, skin, manure and to some extent milk and transport) play an important role in the Indian agrarian economy. They are better adapted to arid and semi-arid tropics with marginal and sub-marginal lands, other wise unfit for crop production. They are perhaps the most suitable small ruminants to utilize the sparse vegetation available in dry land areas through range land management and reseeded pastures. They have an excellent ability to survive over a prolonged period of drought and semi starvation and are less prone to extreme weather conditions, ectoparasites as well as other diseases. They are unique for their fiber which allows ventilation and also protects the skin from the hot sun, rain and abrasions.

Sheep can also constrict or relax blood vessels in face, legs and ears for control of heat loss. Because of their hardiness and adaptability to dry conditions, the north-western and the Southern peninsular regions of the country have a large concentration of sheep. In the tropics they are non-seasonal breeders and can be made to lamb throughout the year. The visual sense is exceedingly well developed in sheep, that is how they can discern movement far better than humans but cannot distinguish shapes as well as the human beings.

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