Jakharana Goat Breed Profile Information

Jakharana Goat Description:

The Jakharana Goat breed is quite similar to Beetal, the major difference being that Jhakrana is longer. Animals are large and predominantly black with white spots on ears and muzzle.

The Jakharana Goat breed is very similar to Beetal, the main contrast is that Jakharana goat  is comparatively longer.

Jakharana Goat Performance:

Milk: These goats are used mainly for milk production. Average daily milk yield varies from 2.0-3.0 kg for a lactation length of about 180-200 days.

Kidding: These are prolific. Kidding is mostly single but in 40% cases twins are given birth. Triplets are not uncommon in Jakharana Goat.

Skin: The goats are also useful meat producers, and their skins are popular with the tanning industry.

Jakharana Goat Breed features:

Size (AVG) Male Female
Body weight (kg) 55 45
Body length (cm) 84 77
Chest girth (cm) 86 79
Jakharana Goat.
Jakharana Goat.

Production Performance of Jakhrana Goats:

Production performance of Jakhrana goat was evaluated under semi-intensive and extensive system of management in its home tract. Data on production parameters from 229 goats and on reproduction traits from 318 goats belonging to 77 farmers of Jakhrana goat and it’s surrounding 8 villages were collected. Goats were reared under extensive system (64%) and semi intensive (36%) system of management. The average body weight at birth, 3, 6 and 12 months were 2.54±0.11, 12.28±1.50, 16.47±1.89 and 25.30±3.01 kg respectively.

The average milk yield and lactation length were 152.87±2.69 kg and 143.0±3.2 days in semi intensive system and 107.39±2.11 kg and 118.0±2.3 days in extensive system of management. The average age at first kidding, kidding interval and twinning rate were 561.24±9.83 days, 287.78±9.89 days, and 1.54±10.16 days in semi-intensive, and 632.3S±7.83 days, 332.86±9.34 days and 1.32±0.16 in extensive management system respectively. Significantly higher performance with respect to body weight of kids, milk yield, kidding interval and prolificacy was observed for does reared under semi-intensive system of management.

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