Jalauni Sheep Breed Profile Information

Distribution :The Jalauni sheep breed is distributed across the Jalaun, Jhansi and Lalitpur districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Conformation: The Jalauni sheep are medium-sized animals, with a straight nose line. The colour of the body is white with a light brown or black head. Both sexes are polled. Ears are large, flat and drooping and the tail is thin and medium in length. The fleece is coarse, short-stapled and open, generally white. The belly and legs are devoid of wool.  Usually one breeding ram is maintained per flock. The litter size is primarily single.

jalauni sheep
jalauni sheep

Jalauni sheep are maintained for meat and wool. The wool quality is coarse and shearing is done three times a year, with an average wool production of about 150-200 gm per clip. The average fibre diameter is 41 μ with a medullation percentage of 70.  Recent initiatives have focused on cross-breeding with the Nali to improve wool production and quality. The Jalauni is similar to the Nali in body size and general appearance; however Nali crosses show improvement in fleece production as reflected by weight, staple length and quality.

According to the 18th Livestock Census the total number of Jalauni sheep in the country is 32,745.

Jalauni sheep breed performance:

Adult Male Adult Female
 Average Body weight (kg) 36 27
 Average Body length (cm) 72 63
 Height at withers (cm) 72 63
 Chest girth (cm) 82 75


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