Kenguri Sheep Breed Profile Information

Kenguri Breed: The following article talks about Kenguri Sheep Breed.

This kenguri sheep breed is also known as Tenguri is native to the hilly tracts of the Koppal and Raichurs district in Karnataka.

The sheep are large in size and have a body coat which is dark brown or coconut coloured. In most cases there is a white spot on the forehead and sometimes on the legs or other body parts. Males are horned while the females are generally polled. Most of the flocks are pure-bred. Kenguri rams are selected on the basis of body size and conformation.  September to November is the main lambing season. The lambing rate is about 82% with an average lambing interval of 14 months. Litter size is single with rare cases of twinning. Kenguri sheep are primarily reared for meat.

Kenguri sheep
Kenguri Sheep.

In addition, there is some income from milk and dung. According to the 18th Livestock Census of 2007 there are 438,581 Kenguri sheep in the country.

Kenguri Breed Performance:

Adult MaleAdult Female
Average Body weight (kg)5336
Average Body length (cm)7567
Average Height at withers (cm)8273
Average Chest girth (cm)8978

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