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Kenguri Breed: The following article talks about Kenguri Sheep Breed.

This kenguri sheep breed is also known as Tenguri is native to the hilly tracts of the Koppal and Raichurs district in Karnataka.

The sheep are large in size and have a body coat which is dark brown or coconut coloured. In most cases there is a white spot on the forehead and sometimes on the legs or other body parts. Males are horned while the females are generally polled. Most of the flocks are pure-bred. Kenguri rams are selected on the basis of body size and conformation.  September to November is the main lambing season. The lambing rate is about 82% with an average lambing interval of 14 months. Litter size is single with rare cases of twinning. Kenguri sheep are primarily reared for meat.

Kenguri sheep
Kenguri Sheep.

In addition, there is some income from milk and dung. According to the 18th Livestock Census of 2007 there are 438,581 Kenguri sheep in the country.

Kenguri Breed Performance:

Adult Male Adult Female
Average Body weight (kg) 53 36
Average Body length (cm) 75 67
Average Height at withers (cm) 82 73
Average Chest girth (cm) 89 78

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  1. It will take 15 months after the Birth, if they feeded normally on bulk quantity. If u feed qualitatively on less number that weight can be attained within 8 months after the birth.

  2. Hello Sir, I am a fresher in this field. I want to start the business of this breed Kenguri sheep please suggest me, can i start business with this breed kenguri sheep. or with other breed, which is the best breed to start income more. please help me. Thanks.

      You can start a business with any breed but profitability will depend on several factors. The demand for its meat, availability and cost of forage, water, cost and maintenance of infrastructure, your knowledge and experience of sheep handling, and what are your liabilities (what is your predator pressure like, how resistant to local disease and parasites are the sheep, which can cause major losses.
      I live in a location with hot humid summer weather which translates to high disease and parasites, lots of local dogs which love to harass the sheep, but I also have good forage, highly disease and parasite resistant sheep, and my rams are very protective of the ewes and lambs. I also provide shade shaws and plenty of fresh water and rotate the grazing frequently, thus decreasing exposure to parasites and diseases.
      The first item on your agenda for starting a sheep business is to establish good year round pasture, the second is to educate yourself about the problems with which local to you shepherd are contending.
      I wish you good luck.


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