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Malabari Goat :

This article explains the profile information of malabari goats.

Malabari Goats or Tellicherry goats inhabit the Calicut, Kannur, Waynad and Malappuram districts of Kerala, India. They are medium to small size animals having varied coat colour ranging from white to admixtures and black. These goats are reared mainly for meat. Phenotypic and genetic characterization of Malabari goats was carried out by using the information collected from breeding tract of these goats.

This goat breed is reared mainly for meat purpose and their skin is popular with the tanning industry. Kerala Agricultural University has undertaken cross-breeding programmed with Alpine and Saanen for improving reproduction and milk yield. The average milk yield of this breed is 100-190 kg with a lactation period of 180-210 days. The animals are medium in size. They have no uniform color which varies from completely white to full black. 30% goats are long haired. All males and a small number of females are bearded.

Usually, this goat body weighs at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age were 5.73, 9.20, 13.27, 20.54 kg.

Malabari Goat.
Malabari Goat.
Malabari Goat Birthplace                :Kerala.
Malabari Goat Weight (Kg)            : 40-30.
Milk (Ltr)                   :   1.

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