Malpura Sheep Breed by Crossbreeding

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Malpura Sheep Breed Information:

Malpura Sheep.
Malpura Sheep.

The following article is about Malpura sheep breed crossbreeding with prolific Garole sheep.

Improving productivity of Malpura breed by crossbreeding with prolific Garole sheep in India:-

Garole, a prolific small sized sheep breed of India was introduced in the Mutton Project of the Institute during 1997 to explore the possibility of incorporating fecundity gene into Malpura (M) sheep of semi-arid region of Rajasthan. The data on reproduction and production traits of M and Garole × Malpura (GM) half-breds was used in the study to assess the improvement in evolved crossbred stock. The overall percent gain in prolificacy in GM was 52.38, which increased to 75.73 in third parity.

The GM compared to M ewes also weaned more lambs per ewe lambed (1 versus 1.41). The lambing rate averaged 91.75 and 148.21% in M and GM ewes, respectively. The twin lambing percentage was only 4.71% in M flock while; it reached up to 51.10% in GM. Moreover, 5.72% of GM ewes produced triplets also. The genetic group non-significantly affect ewe efficiency (EE), but GM produced 3.3% more total lambs weight per ewe lambed at weaning and 6.15% more total lamb weight per ewe lambed at 6-month of age. The body weights at different ages of GM half-breds were lower (P < 0.01) compared to contemporary M lambs.

Triplet lambs born from Garole X Malpura
Triplet lambs born from Garole X Malpura.

The parity of ewes significantly affects body weight from birth weight to 12-month of age. The survivability of GM half-breds was almost at par with the local M sheep. Results revealed that the fecundity genes responsible for increasing prolificacy have been incorporated into the GM and it might prove a valuable germplasm towards evolving a new prolific strain of sheep. The crossing of Garole with M increased the ewe efficiency.

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