Meat Goat Farming Tips and Strategy

Meat Goat Farming

Meat Goat Farming
Meat Goat Farming

Some tips and strategies to raise meat goat :-

A lot of people are not really aware of the fact that meat goat farming is considered as one of the most popular and profitable ventures in the market today. Most people are only aware of the fact that the only products that can be gained from raising these goats are hide and milk. It should be made clear at this point that goat meat is one of the most important products that goat can offer people, and this is why meat goat farming is being thought of by a lot of people because they know that a lot of money can be gained from it. The good thing about this business is that even beginners will not have a hard time when it comes to starting with it, and actually have a really high chance of being really successful with it. When you are ready for it, The first step is to do an honest evaluation of resources. This includes personal attitudes, availability of land, buildings, machinery, equipment, labor, and capital. you can then purchase your herd of goats. Determine, whether you want to raise goats for milk or meat production and find the appropriate breed of goats from reputable breeders.

If you decide to start a meat goats business, where you get your starter herd is critical. Be sure to purchase healthy animals. Also, don’t buy on pedigree alone – it is the performance of the goat that counts, not the papers that come with the goat.

meat goat farming
meat goat farming

The next step to do is to build a pasture. Make sure there is ample space for the goats to graze around. A simple tip on how to farm goats is to build a fence to ensure that they would not be able to escape and predators or other animals can get to them. The fence is usually made up of electrical wires that will shock either the goats or predators when they come in contact with it. Remember also to inspect the area from time to time and repair promptly the damage areas. Also build a separate sturdy, high and strong buck pen.

Another tip to remember on how to farm goats is to build an appropriate goat shelter that can anticipate the needs of the goats. It should also be spacious for all of your goats and can accommodate extra goats. The shelter should be covered and can protect the goats from various climates such as winter, rain or extreme heat. A suggestion in building your shelter is that the door should be facing south which is away from weather.

In order to profit from farming goat, get yourself a buck which can service 25-50 female goats. When your doe goes into heat, put them with the buck until they get pregnant. The gestation period lasts for 150 days. Breeding your goats and milking them needs extra care for sure.

Coloured Boer-meat goat
Coloured Boer-meat goat

After knowing all the things you need to know about the available breeds that you can breed from the market, there is still one more thing you need to do prior to actually thinking about raising meat goats and this is to settle on the number of goats you want to start with. To be able to easily determine the correct answer to this problem, there are some things that you need to consider such as where they will live or their shelters, fences that will keep them together, and the pastures that they can graze. If you do not have these equipment’s yet, it is very important that you first know where you can find them.

Marketing  of Meat Goat is not a big issue as long as people consume meat.

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