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Nilgiri Sheep.
Nilgiri Sheep.

Nilgiri sheep is a breed of sheep found only in Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu State in India. It is bred in the hilly parts of Nilgiri and known for its fine wool.

Nilgiri sheep breed was evolved during the 19th century. It originated from a cross-bred base and contains an unknown level of inheritance of Coimbatore, the local hairy breed, Tasmanian Merino, Cheviot and South Down. The animals are medium sized and white, exceptionally with brown patches on face and body. Face line is convex, giving a typical Roman nose. The ears are broad, flat and drooping. Males have horn buds and scurs;

The Nilagiri sheep breed of sheep is a short statured wooly breed, inhabiting the hilly regions of the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu. It has a cross-bred base and contains unknown proportions of inheritance of Coimbatore, Tasmanian Merino, Cheviot and South Down breeds. The breed was evolved during the nineteenth century.

females are polled. Attempts have been made by Sheep Breeding Farm, Sandynallah to improve these sheep through crossing with Rambouillet and Russian merino which has resulted in substantial improvement in fleece weight and quality. Means of body weight at birth, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age were 2.74, 9.64, 14.06, 17.04 and 19.44 kg respectively. Average six monthly wool yields were 438g with fibre diameter of 24.3µ and staple length of 4.5cm.

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