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Nubian Goats Information:

Source of Nubian Goats /Origin : The breed was derived from the Nubian type goat (Jamunapari and Zaraibi) by crossing with English breeds in the UK in the late 19th century.
Nubian Goats.
Nubian Goats.
Nubian Goats also known as Anglo-Nubian are big, graceful goats. They are proud of their body structure as they have long, pendulum-like ears and Roman nose. They are a cross breed of African and Indian bucks and were raised in England. Although, they are large in size but are not heavy producers. Their milk approximately contains 4.6% of butterfat. They are considered seasonal breeders but they can even be raised all year round.
Performance of Nubian Goats:
Height at withers (males & females) (cm.) : 80 to 100
Average Daily Milk Yield in the Tropics (kg.) : 0.8 to 1.2 with 4.5% fat
Color and Horn Character : Color varies but brown and white are usual. Horns when present lie flat over the coat.
Other Characteristics Nubian Goat : It is one of the most outstanding dual purpose breed. The Anglo-Nubian is usually a big animal with fine skin, glossy coat, long pendulous ears and Roman nose and forehead. The breed has proved to be the most suited to tropical climates and used widely for upgrading indigenous stock for meat and milk in West Indies, Malaysia, Philippines and India. Average live weight varies between 60-70 kg. There are usually 2 kidding in a litter.

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