ORF Disease in sheep and Goats

ORF Disease in sheep and Goats:-

What are the symptoms of ORF

  • Appearance of nodular eruptions on the oral commisures, lips, mouth and nostrils and the lesions are followed by papules, vesicles, pustules and ulcers in 3 to 4 days.
  • Extensive lesions on the feet lead to lameness.
  • Mastitis may result in ewes with lesions on the udder.
  • Profuse salivation, lacrymation accompanied by nasal discharge.
  • Ewes nursing infected lambs may develop lesions on the udder.
  • In young lambs, the initial lesion may develop on the gum below the incisor teeth.
orf disease in sheep
orf disease in sheep
orf disease in goat
orf disease in goat

Suggested first aid

  • Affected animal should be segregated from the rest of the flock.
  • Strict hygienic and sanitary measures are to be adopted.
  • Contact nearest Veterinary Assistant Surgeon for treatment.

General control and preventive measures

  • Lambs should be vaccinated when one month old.
  • For better results, a second vaccination 2-3 months later is suggested.
  • Vaccines should be used cautiously to avoid contaminating uninfected premises and vaccinated animals should be segregated from unprotected stock until the scabs have fallen off.
  • Strict hygienic and sanitary measures are to be adopted.
  • Non immunized lambs should be vaccinated before entering infected feedlots.

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