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Osmanabadi Goat Breed:

The Osmanabadi goat breed is native breed of Marathwada region of Maharashtra, but the breed is reared, bred and well adapted throughout the Maharashtra state including Vidarabha region. The kidding percentage and twinning ability most the important parameters to investigating reproductive efficiency . It is measure of production and profit point of view in organized and unorganized sector of goat farming.

Pureline Osmanabadi Buck
Pure line Osmanabadi Buck.

Finding the pure-line breeding of  Osmanabadi goats at reasonable prices is little tedious process. To get the pure line breeding  you must take the veterinary doctor with you to select and examine the goats, u will get the best of female goats(does), which yields plenty of milk(1-2 liter/ day) and kids (4-8 per yr). The best part of these goats is that, they can accommodate easily in any part of the country, they are disease resistant’s so that they provides you huge profit in lesser time. They eats any farm fodder, vegetables, grass, pulp of pulses which are usually thrown by the farmers as waste part. Mortality rate of kids and does is negligible when they are vaccinated properly. Start your goat farm business with pure-line Osmanabadi  goats and earn handsome profit. This breed is considered useful both for meat and milk. Make sure all goats are healthy and vaccinated which are certified by reputed veterinary doctors.

Yes ,its no doubt that a goat farm with pure-line osmaanbadi goat breed is always profitable,but have to manage well. i have personally seen osmsnabadi goats giving 5 kids,and 4 is common in pureline breed after 2-3 pregnancy pure osmanabadi goat kids grows at a faster rate than that of local goat breed.also they have very high resistant power against diseases. You will get all qualities only when it is a pureline osmanabadi goat breed.

Pureline Osmanabadi goats
Pure line Osmanabadi goats.

Performance of breed in different geographical area may depends on their management like Feed,Disease management & also housing management.The other factor its genetic potential, so those who are popularizing that the Osmanabadi breed is bad is not at all authentic as it has no authentic source or study.However the method of breeding female goats (Which are performing well in local conditions are to be selected & mated with good performing buck either Osmanabadi breed which having good pedigree records.Then next progeny to be manipulated potentially for further breeding practices consulting with experienced Veterinarian in Goat farming sector.

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