Best Way To Start a Sheep or Goat Farm

sheep farm.

Best way to start Sheep or Goat Farm: 1) Quality of Sheep or Goat:- Animals which can sustain in particular climatic conditions & having proper breed character needed for goat farming business.Example- According to geographical situations,animals accustoms with environment & give production.From these animals ,selection of good quality animals. 2) Management of Animals – As the production of animal is increases according …

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Sheep rearing & himachal economy

sheep rearing.

Sheep rearing Becomes lifeline of Himachal Pradesh economy: Sheep rearing  is slowly but steadily becoming a key component in strengthening the economy of the rural population of this hill state where opportunities are very less & land availability is limited. not surprisingly, sheep-rearing is the chief vocation of most of the farmers in the state. the drastic increase in the quantum of wool …

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Breeding Ewes Feeding Considerations

Feeding Ewes.

Feeding considerations for breeding ewes: 1. Reducing over fattening of ewes: Over-fattening will result in excessive fat deposition resulting in reduced fertility A good shepherd should watch for over-fattening at least one and a half to two months before the onset of breeding season. The over-fat ewes may be gradually brought down to the desirable lean condition, by reducing the ration and …

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Feeding Silage to Sheep

Feeding Silage

Feeding Silage : Feeding silage to sheep is an excellent way to economically mechanize and help reduce the manual labor involved in feeding a large flock. Most producers have three concerns when first thinking about switching their rations to a silage base. First, it takes a specialized set of equipment to plant, cultivate, and harvest the silage. Second, the ewe …

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Nubian Goats Profile Information Guide

Nubian Goats.

Nubian Goats Information: Source of Nubian Goats /Origin : The breed was derived from the Nubian type goat (Jamunapari and Zaraibi) by crossing with English breeds in the UK in the late 19th century. Nubian Goats also known as Anglo-Nubian are big, graceful goats. They are proud of their body structure as they have long, pendulum-like ears and Roman nose. They …

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Sheep Wool Production Information

Sheep Wool.

Sheep Wool Production Information: The following article is about sheep wool production. Approximately 90 percent of the world’s sheep produce wool. One sheep produces anywhere from 2 to 30 pounds of wool annually. The wool from one sheep is called a fleece, from many sheep, a clip. The amount of wool that a sheep produces depends upon its breed, genetics, …

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Kashmir Sheep Demand Information

Kashmir sheep.

Kashmir Sheep: The following article is about kashmir sheep. Sheep Farming Increasing in Kashmir: Though many jobless youth have established sheep farms, there is still a vast gap between supply and demand for the mutton in Kashmir. Kashmir consumes 51,000 tones of mutton every year. Out of this, annual consumption 21,000 tones is imported from outside the state. The demand …

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Sheep Fattening and Goat Fattening Guide

Dorper Sheep.

Sheep Fattening and Goat Fattening: Sheep fattening/Finishing involves intensive feeding of sheep and goats to slaughter weight with adequate finish (fat deposit) in feedlots. This targets the local market that has high demand for fat animals.    1) Selection of sheep and goats for fattening  Consider the following when selecting sheep and goats for intensive fattening: Sheep Fattening and Goat …

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Goat Sheds and Sheep Sheds Requirements

Goat Sheds.

Goat Sheds or Sheep Sheds(Housing) Requirements:  There are certain Requirements for building goat sheds or sheep housing for better reproduction. Sheep and goats are raised in all climatic zones of India. These climatic zones are very diverse with some being dry and others wet. Extreme heat is a major characteristic of some zones while others experience cold temperatures. Each situation has its …

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