Boer Goats are sold for up to Rs 90,000!

Boer Goats.

Boer Goats: The following goat article details about Boer goats and their price in India. Boer Goats. Boer goats  are not the local Indian goats available in mutton shops but Boer goats, which are still rare in India. Boer goat is popular the world over for their meat and adapt to any climate. Jijabai’s son, Vinayak, who sells the animals online, has recently acquired …

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Malpura Sheep Breed by Crossbreeding

Malpura Sheep.

Malpura Sheep Breed Information: The following article is about Malpura sheep breed crossbreeding with prolific Garole sheep. Improving productivity of Malpura breed by crossbreeding with prolific Garole sheep in India:- Garole, a prolific small sized sheep breed of India was introduced in the Mutton Project of the Institute during 1997 to explore the possibility of incorporating fecundity gene into Malpura (M) sheep …

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Dorper Sheep Profile Information Guide

Dorper Sheep.

Dorper Sheep Profile: Let us discuss about Dorper sheep profile details here. History of Dorper Sheep:  In the early 1930s, meat-sheep raisers in South Africa set out to create a mutton breed that didn’t require shearing and could produce high-quality, fast-growing lambs under harsh conditions. To do so, they crossed British Dorset Horn rams with fat-tailed Blackhead Persian hair-sheep ewes, …

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Sheep Project Requirements for Loan

Sheep Project Loan.

Sheep Project Requirements for Loan in India: The following article details about sheep project requirements for loan in India. Requirements of a Good sheep farming Project for NABARD Loan sanction: A check list prepared by NABARD for formulation of sheep project development schemes is given in Annexure III. The scheme so formulated should be submitted to the nearest branch of …

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Sheep Buying Tips and Goat Buying Tips

Sheep Buying Tips.

Sheep Buying Tips and Goat Buying Tips: The following article provides sheep buying tips and goat buying tips information. Bargaining Tips on Sheep or Goat Flock  in local markets: Here we present some Tips and Tricks when you start planning to buy a Sheep flock or Goat flock.   Tip 1)  Research/Find  about  Sheep or Goat markets nearer to your …

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Goat Farm Project Report (100+4)

Goat Farm Project Report.

Goat Farm Project Report : The following goat farm project report is for 100 females and 4 males.   Black Bengal Goat. Goat Farm Project Report: India has a very large and diverse genetic resource of goats. Goat plays a significant role in economic up-liftment of rural poor of our country. Consumption of goat meat (chevon) is increasing rapidly due to its social …

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Sheep Project Report For (500+25) Numbers

Sheep Project Report.

Sheep project Report For (500+25) Sheep Breeding Farm: As you know you must be aware of complete end to end information when you are planning to start a sheep farm. It is always advised to visit nearest sheep farms and read any kind of sheep project report to under stand the in and outs of sheep business. The following project …

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Stall Fed Goat Farming in Karnataka

Stall Fed Goat Farming in Karnataka.

Stall Fed Goat Farming in Karnataka:  The following article talks about stall fed goat farming in Karnataka. Stall-fed goat farming a good option for farmers in Dakshina Kannada: How do goats help in farming particularly in a district where it is dominated by areca cultivation? They do as their pellets had high potash needed by perennial crops such as arecanut, …

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Sheep Breeding Selection Tips in India

Sheep Breeding Selection.

Selecting good sheep breeding (male and female):- 1) Starting with and selecting the right sheep breeding stock will go a long way towards ensuring a successful sheep enterprise, no matter what the production emphasis is or where the farm or ranch is located. 2) It is very important that the appropriate breed(s) or type(s) be chosen and that they be …

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Goat Care and Goat Breeding Information

Goat Care and Goat Breeding.

Goat Care: Goat Care and Goat Breeding:- Goat care is a serious responsibility. Goats need companionship. Hence, it is better to keep two goats or have a sociable animal to give a single goat company. Goats need spacious shelters, which is free from dampness and drafts. There should be good ventilation so that the freshness of the air maintained inside …

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Benifits and Economics of Raising Sheep and Goats

economics of raising sheep and goats.

Benefits and Economics of Raising Sheep and Goats: The following article details about Economics of Raising Sheep and Goats. There are many reasons for raising sheep and/or goats, including several economic benefits which include: Favorable tax treatment Land appreciation Profit from production Economics of Raising Sheep and Goats – Agricultural Transfer Tax When land is purchased, there is an agricultural transfer …

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Sheep and Goat Insurance in India

Sheep and Goat Insurance.

Sheep and Goat Insurance in India: The following livestock article details about sheep and goat insurance in India. Highlights All indigenous, crossbred and exotic Sheep and Goat will be covered under this Scheme. Scope The policy shall provide indemnity against death of sheep and goats due to accident Including Fire, Lightning, Flood, Cyclone, Famine, Earthquake, landslide, Strike, Riot or diseases …

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PPR Disease in Sheep and Goats For Dummies

PPR disease in Sheep and Goats.

PPR disease in sheep and goats: PPR disease in sheep and goats is an acute highly contagious viral disease of small ruminants characterized by fever, loss of appetite, stomatitis, gastroenteritis and pneumonitis. The disease is markedly evident in goat and sheep are less susceptible. PPR Disease in Sheep and Goats – What Causes PPR(Peste-des-Petits Ruminants): The Peste-des-Petits Ruminants disease is caused …

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Sheep Rearing Process Case Study

Sheep Case Study.

Sheep Rearing Process: In this article, let us discuss about sheep rearing process. Sheep Rearing Case Study: Sheep rearing process is a very important component in dry land farming system. With very low investments it can be converted into a profitable venture for small and marginal farmers and landless labourers. Sheep rearing process and goat rearing process play an important role in the …

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Goat Farming Business Guide for Beginners

Goat Farming Business.

Goat Farming Business – Beginners Guide:- For starting and maintaining a profitable and successful goat farming business, you must have to make a proper and effective goat farming business plan and go according to the plan. Here we are shortly describing the necessary steps for starting goat farming business. First Let us talk about the advantages of Goat farming: Starting …

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