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PPR disease in sheep and goats:

  • PPR disease in sheep and goats is an acute highly contagious viral disease of small ruminants characterized by fever, loss of appetite, stomatitis, gastroenteritis and pneumonitis.
  • The disease is markedly evident in goat and sheep are less susceptible.

PPR Disease in Sheep and Goats – What Causes PPR(Peste-des-Petits Ruminants):

  • The Peste-des-Petits Ruminants disease is caused by Moribillivirus of Paramyxoviridae family.
  • Natural transmission occurs primarily through direct contact with infected sheep and goat.
  • Transmission may take place through contaminated food, water, beddings and other appliances.
  • Secretions and excretions are rich source of virus and spread of the disease take place through their contamination. Faeces are the main spreading agent and through it the disease may occur in epidemic proportion.
  • The disease may spread in a flock through introduction of newly purchased sick animal from market.
  • There is no carrier state in animals; the spread of the disease is possible through animals with subclinical infection.
  • Ingestion of infected material is the main way of transmission but it may also take place through inhalation and contact with ocular secretions.
  • The disease is not transmitted through insect vectors.
  • Wild ruminants have been suspected to play a role in the spreading of this disease.

PPR Disease in Sheep and Goats0 – What are the  symptoms of PPR(Peste-des-Petits Ruminants):

  • High rise of temperature (104 to 105 ˙F).
  • The animal will show dull coat, dry muzzle and inappetance.
  • There will be profuse serous nasal discharge accompanied by sneezing and coughing.
  • The discharge may be crust like, hard and matt the nasal and ocular surroundings.
  • Oral necrotic lesions noticed in lips, buccal mucosae, gums, dental palate & tongue, with malodour (halitosis).
  • Congestion of conjunctival mucous membranes and matting of eye lids.
  • Signs of pneumonia and animal may die due to respiratory distress.
  • Diarrhoeic faeces may contain mucus and blood.
  • Pregnant goat may abort.
  • Most of the animals recover and death may occur in few of them.

PPR Disease in Sheep and Goats – First aid for PPR(Peste-des-Petits Ruminants):

  • Separation of sick animals should be made.
  • Adequate rest to the affected animal.
  • Affected animals should be fed with porridge made of rice, ragi and kambu.
  • Apply glycerin or animal fat on the ulcers.
  • Immediate consultation should be made to the nearest qualified veterinary      doctor for antibiotic treatment.
  • Animals should not be allowed for grazing.
  • Ulcers in the mouth can be treated with saline water or dissolve 1g of Potassium permanganate in 1 liter of water and wash the mouth 2 to 3 times per day with this solution.
  • Contact your nearest Veterinary Assistant Surgeons for further advice regarding the antibiotic administration or symptomatic treatment to be given to the affected animals.
  • Contact nearest Veterinary Assistant Surgeons for ring vaccination in the event of outbreak of disease.

PPR Disease in Sheep and Goats – Control and prevention management of PPR:

  • Regular and proper vaccination of animals.
  • Vaccination Schedule

First  vaccination at

Next vaccination at

Month of vaccination


3 months age Once in a year
  • Strict sanitation and hygienic measures are to be adopted in a flock. It is susceptible to most disinfectants, e.g. phenol, sodium hydroxide (2%).
  • Restriction should be made for introduction of new animals in a flock especially in areas where the disease is prevalent.
  • Sick animals bought from market should not be introduced without observation for a definite period.
  • Sick animals should be segregated and treated with serum along with conservative management.
  • Quarantine measures should be strictly attended in imported sheep and goat before introduction.

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