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Ramnad White Sheep Details:

Distribution: This sheep breed is found in the Ramanathapuram district and adjoining areas of the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Ramnad White  sheep is a medium sized and hardy mutton type sheep.

Ramnad White sheep breed features: They are medium-sized animals, predominantly white; some animals have fawn or black markings over the body. The ears are medium-sized and directed outward and downward. Males have twisted horns and the females are polled. The tail is short and thin. Under farm conditions lambing percentage is about 73; litter size is single. Breeding is pure and rams are selected on the basis of size.

ramnad white sheep
Ramnad white sheep.

According to the 18th Livestock Census of 2007, there are 1,536,659 Ramnad White sheep in the country.

Flock structure: The average flock contains 41 individuals (range: 20 to 50), of which 1 adult ram, 27 adult ewes and 13 young.

Reproduction: Under farm conditions: lambing percentage on the basis of ewes available: 78.6% (1 737). In farmers’ flocks: lambing percentage: 80%. Litter size: single.

Mortality: 0 to 12 months: 24.94% (1 351); adults: 7.28% (2 842).

Breeding: Pure breeding.

This Sheep Breed Height/Weight Chart:

Adulat Male Adult Female
Average Body weight (kg) 32 23
Average Body length (cm) 65 60
Average Height at withers (cm) 73 67
Average Chest girth (cm) 76 68

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