Balangir Sheep Breed Profile Information

Balangir Sheep  Breed Profile Information:

Origin of Balangir Sheep: The Balangir breed of sheep is native to the north western districts of Balangir, Sambalpur, and Sundargarh in Odisha.

They are medium-sized animals, white or light brown or of mixed colours. A few animals are also black. The ears are small and stumpy. While the males are horned, ewes are polled. The tail is medium long and thin. The fleece is extremely coarse, hairy and open, and the legs and belly are devoid of wool. The flock size ranges from 3 to 24 animals. In farmers’ flocks lambing percentage is about 84.3% and the litter size is single. Breeding is primarily pure.

According to the 18th Livestock Census 2007, the number of Balangir sheep in the country is 128,933.

Balangir Breed
Balangir Breed

Breed Characterstics:

Adult Male Adult Female
Average Body weight (kg) 24 18
Average Body length (cm) 57 53
Average Height at withers (cm)   63 62.5
Average Chest girth (cm) 61 58

 Little more abour balangir sheep:

Balangir sheep: The Balangir sheep is distributed in Balangir, Kalahandi Baudh and Angul districts of Orissa. Animals are small; average body weight, body length, height at withers and chest girth were 23.0±0.74kg, 57.6±0.84cm,62.1±0.74cm and 69.7±0.84cm in rams and20.4±0.17kg, 55.6±0.22cm, 59.6±0.18cm and67.2±0.22cm in ewes, respectively. Coat color ranged from light to dark brown or patches of white and brown. Males are horned and females are polled. Body is covered with coarse, open and color fleece. Face, belly and legs are devoid of wool. In males, age at first breeding was 8-12
months with a breeding life of 1-3 years. Lambing rate was 70-100%. Balangir sheep are primarily maimaintained mutton

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