Sheep Breeds in India Information for Beginners

Sheep Breeds in India:

Sheep Breeds in India: Sheep types in India  can  be classified on the basis of Agroecological regions viz. a) North temperate region, b) North Western arid and semi arid region  c) Southern peninsular region and d) Eastern region. The breeds of sheep of these regions are depicted here.

Sheep Farming Advantages:

  • Sheep can be raised for meat,milk and wool.
  • Sheep is considered a poor man’s cow and provides employment to rural community.
  • Sheep Farming also plays major role in the National Economy.
  • Sheep can clean your field by eating any grass weeds.
  • Sheep can able to gain weight in a short time.
  • Sheep occupy less space and does not require expensive housing.
  • Sheep meat and wool has excellent demand in local and export markets.
  • Sheep farming does not require any skills, even older people can manage the farm.

Sheep breeds in  agro-ecological regions in India and their major products.

North Temperate North-Western Arid and Semi Arid Southern Peninsular Eastern
Bhakarwal (CW)
Changthangi (CW)
Gaddi  (CW)
Gurez  (CW)
Karnah (AW)
Kashmir Merino(AW)
Poonchi (CW)
Rampur Bushair(CW)
Chokla (CW)
Hissardale (AW)
Jaisalmeri (MCW)
Jalauni (MCW)
Kheri (MCW)
Magra (CW)
Malpura (MCW)
Marwari (MCW)
Nali (CW)
Patanwadi (CW)
Pugal (MCW)
Sonadi (MCW)
Bellary (MCW)
Coimbatore (MCW)
Daccani (M)
Hassan (M)
Kanguri (M)
Kilakarsal (M)
Madras Red (M)
Mandya (M)
Mecheri (M)
Nellore (M)
Nilgiri (AW)
Rammand White (M)
Tiruchy Black (M)
Vembur (M)
Balangir (MCW)
Bonpala (MCW)
Chottanagpuri     (MCW)
Ganjam (MCW)
Garole (M)
Tibetan (CW)

Within parenthesis is the major product of the sheep breed. (AW), Apparel wool; (CW), Carpet wool; (MCW), Mutton and Carpet wool; (M), Mutton .

Note: Details of most of the important sheep breeds mentioned above already described in the blog.

Sheep Breeds in India.
Sheep Breeds in India.

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