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Coimbatore Sheep Profile Information

Coimbatore Sheep Profile: In the following article, the Coimbatore sheep profile is explained. The Coimbatore Sheep Purpose and Distribution: This breed is a coarse carpet wool breed of Tamil Nadu, India, and is reared mainly as a meat animal. A study conducted in the native environment revealed that breeding and migratory tracts were in Coimbatore, Erode and Dindigul districts of Tamil …

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Coimbatore Sheep Breed Profile

Coimbatore Sheep Breed: This write up explains about Coimbatore Sheep Breed Profile. The Coimbatore sheep  breed, also called Kurumbai, is found in the Coimbatore and Madurai districts of Tamil Nadu and in the districts bordering Kerala and Karnataka. They are medium-sized animals, white with black or brown spots. Ears are medium-sized and directed outward and backward, and the tail is …

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