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Nellore Sheep Project Report – 100 No’s

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Nellore Sheep Project Report: Introduction:- Nellore sheep is one of the very famous sheep breeds of south India and mostly found in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and other surrounding states of south India. This breed has proven to be very profitable for sheep farmers. Commercial rearing of Nellore sheep breed is increasing day by day due mutton demand in rural and …

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Nellore Sheep Breed Profile Information

Nellore Sheep Breed:¬† In this article, let us discuss about Nellore sheep breed information. About the Breed: This sheep is a meat sheep breed native to northern Andhra Pradesh, primarily the Nellore and Prakasham districts. Nellore Sheep Breed ¬†Features: This sheep breed is found in three distinct colours- white (palla), white with black spots on the face (Jodipi) and red-brown …

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