Sheep Buying Tips and Goat Buying Tips

Sheep Buying Tips and Goat Buying Tips:

The following article provides sheep buying tips and goat buying tips information.

Bargaining Tips on Sheep or Goat Flock  in local markets:

Here we present some Tips and Tricks when you start planning to buy a Sheep flock or Goat flock.  

sheep and goat market
sheep and goat market.

Tip 1)  Research/Find  about  Sheep or Goat markets nearer to your farm location, This will save you some transportation charges. And also make sure you will get lot’s of breeds as well as lot’s quantity in the market

Tip 2)  After Finding the market, reach there by  8 am so that you will have lot’s selection available. Remember, most the markets will close by 4 pm.

Tip 3)  Scan through all flocks and select the healthy group and find  out the Flock Price, For example, you want to buy 100 sheep or 100 goat…let us say , he quoted you 2,50,000 rupees which in turn cost you 2500 rupees/sheep or goat. Ask him whether he can able to make it 2,00,000 as your budget set for 2000 per animal.

local sheep market
local sheep market

Tip 4) If He does not agree keep an eye on that flock and wait till noon. Key point is waiting for little long and show them that you have the budget.  90%  of the sellers will come to your price before sunset as they need to go back  which cost again for them for transport.

Tip 5) Once you purchased the flock, make sure you bargain with local market people for tax. Normally the tax they impose around 30 to 40 rupees in some places 50 rupees. Here can negotiate and u can make them reduce  it.

Tip 6) Negotiate on Transportation charges to your farm places

Note: If you decide to  buy again and again, better get his number so that u can inform him in advance for getting better price

sheep market
sheep market.

Bottom Line: If you follow these tips, you can save lot of money and can spend this towards other farm expenses.

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