Sheep Farming Tips or Goat Farming Tips

Ten Sheep Farming tips or Goat farming Tips :

Well build Boer Goat - Male
Well build Boer Goat – Male

We here at present you some sheep farming tips or Goat farming tips for beginners.

Sheep or Goat farming profits depends mainly on Breed Selection. Following  ten sheep farming tips or goat farming tips may help, if your are trying to start up a sheep farm  or goat farm business.

Tip1:- First and Foremost, decide the purpose of your business  either you can go for meat purpose or milk purpose.Basically there are two programs in sheep farming, 1. Rearing Program (where you start the kidding program) 2.Ram Program (Male sheep farming, where you just raise males and sell them for meat or breed purpose) , both of these programs are their own advantages.

Visiting some local sheep or goat farms may help you to decide the best suitable breed for  your farming business. Accordingly select the best sheep or goat breed that suits the local geo graphical conditions. When selecting Sheep or Goat from local markets or from other source consider these factors or tips:

Sheep farming tips
Sheep farming tips
  1. Take your local veterinary doctor with you to check the overall health condition of sheep or goat breed.
  2. Consider the age factor of the breed. It is better to select a sheep or goat with 2 dental ages.
  3. The male female ratio in sheep or goat is 1:20. (1 male for 20 females).
  4. In Sheep or Goat, any foot mouth diseases (FMD) should be avoided.
  5. Percentage of kidding in females. It’s better to go for minimum twinning breeds.
  6. In female sheep or goat, the udder should be completely checked for any kind of defects before selecting.
  7. In male sheep or goat, check the built, good built is always better way of selecting sheep or goat. Breeding male should show good libido as well.
  8. The female with well grown, blended udder should be selected.
  9. The female sheep or goat with well grown, blended udder should be preferred.
  10. Sheep or Goat with broader back and rump regions will be better. Broader back and rib cages indicates that, goat or sheep having good feed intake capacity. Whereas broad rump region in sheep or goat shows the better breeding characters.

Tip2:- Don’t go for expensive structure for sheep/goat house or shed unless you become familiar with farming and start good returns. This is where you can save good amount and spend towards your animal purchase.

Tip3:- After selecting the good sheep or goat breed, talk to your veterinary doctor for initial vaccinations before entering into your farm, de-worming should be done for all animals in the farm.

Tip4:- Fodder or Feed is another major factor that effects the animal growth and profits. Choose the best fodder and start growing in your farm itself. Buying fodder from outside may cost you lot. Stall fed animals are best as compared to open grazing animals.

Tip5:- Avoid inbreeding by replacing or exchanging once in two years.

Tip6:- Periodic checking of each animal for diseases should be practiced and go for all necessary vaccinations according to the animal vaccination chart. Remove any sick or ill animal from the flock.

Tip7:- Check the weight of the animals frequently to find  out the weight gain, based on this calculation feed should be supplied.

Tip8:- In the event of any sheep or goat disease outbreak, be alert and close observation of animals is mandatory. Contact your veterinary doctor for any necessary medication.

Tip9:- Should avoid starvation of goat or sheep since even two days starvation period early in pregnancy can cause a high percentage of shed embryos to be absorbed.

Tip10:- Animals with no kidding for complete one year ,they should be removed from flock.

By following above sheep farming tips or goat farming tips, will help you in starting up a business. Also these Sheep Farming Tips may help you to achieve your profits.

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