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Sheep Rearing Business:

The following content details about sheep rearing business in India.

Sheep can be reared as free range (where there is no shortage of land) or under housing inside a shed. It is a very important component in dry land farming system. With very low investments can be made in to a profitable venture for small, marginal farmers and landless labourers.
Sheep Rearing Business – ADVANTAGES
  • Well adopted to environment and poor management practices
  • The meat rate is increasing day by day
  • Sheep are suitable for wool and meat
  • Average of 1-2 kids per sheep per delivery
  • Average meat recovery of 22-30 kg/sheep
  • Penning leads to manurial value to land
Sheep Rearing Business : BREEDS
  • Local breeds: Varies according to region
  • Exotic breeds
  • Merino – Wool purpose.
  • Ram Boullet – Wool and meat.
  • Cheviot – Meat.
  • South Down – Meat.
  • Sheep in India are mostly maintained on natural vegetation on common grazing lands, wastelands and uncultivated (fallow) lands, stubbles of cultivated crops and top feeds (tree loppings). Rarely are they kept on grain, cultivated fodder or crop residue.

    Sheep are mostly reared for wool and meat. Sheep skins and manure constitute important sources of earning, the latter particularly in southern India. Milk from sheep is of limited importance and that too in very limited areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Indian sheep are not regarded as dairy sheep.

    The productivity of Indian sheep is lower than those of agriculturally more advanced countries. Yet considering their nutritional and physical environment, their productivity cannot be considered as inefficient. The major reasons for low productivity are inadequate grazing resources, diseases causing high mortality, morbidity and consequent reduced production, and serious lack of organized effort for bringing genetic improvement.

sheep rearing
sheep rearing.

Bottom Line of Sheep Rearing: Well, Sheep rearing business is increasing each year as the demand for sheep meat growing. One can can get decent profits with sheep rearing business with proper planning and marketing techniques.

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