Stall Fed Goat Farming in Karnataka

Stall Fed Goat Farming in Karnataka: 

The following article talks about stall fed goat farming in Karnataka.

Stall-fed goat farming a good option for farmers in Dakshina Kannada:

How do goats help in farming particularly in a district where it is dominated by areca cultivation?

They do as their pellets had high potash needed by perennial crops such as arecanut, said Rama Kishore K. of Manchi in Bantwal taluk. Mr. Kishore has been carrying on stall-fed goat farming for the past five years.

Mr. Kishore, an agriculture graduate, told The Hindu that all perennial crops needed more potash. Goats produced pellet form of manure. They released nutrients to crops slowly. He had been applying goat manure for all crops since he began stall-fed farming. Stall-fed goat farming had one more benefit. Matured male goats could be sold as there was demand for its meat. Now a two-year matured goat fetched Rs. 250 a kg in market. They were weighed live. A two-year old goat normally weighed 40 kg. Female goats should be retained for re-production. A female begins conceiving after six months and before a year.

goat farming in karnataka
goat farming in Karnataka

Mr. Kishore said that if female goats were used for milking (for own consumption or sale), the growth of young ones would be slow.

He said that goats were relatively free from diseases. There was demand for healthy male goats to present them as “harake” (offering). It was called “kutta koduvudu” in Kannada. Such goats commanded high price.

Mr. Kishore said that a goat produced about a kilogram of pellets per day. For that it should be fed with 2.50 kg. of green grass and a quarter kilogram of cattle feed per day. He said that the goats in his farm produced about two lorry loads of manure worth Rs. 75,000 per annum. His farm now had about 30 goats.

stall fed goat farming
stall fed goat farming

Mr. Kishore, an organic farmer, simultaneously had cattle farming. He applied slurry produced from cattle dung to arecanut plantation and other crops.

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