Tellicherry Goats Breed Profile Information

Tellicherry goats breed Profile Information:

Tellicherry goats
Tellicherry goats

Tellicherry goats are mainly reared for mutton purposes and also for milk yielding.Stall feeding is highly suitable for this breed:

  1. Tellicherry goats are one among the recognized breeds of goats in India and is widely distributed in Malabar region of Kerala and also reared in different places of Tamil Nadu. This breed is considered as a unique genotype exhibiting higher multiple birth percentages and higher milk yields.
  2. Thalacherry goats breeds are found throughout the States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. True-bred animals are however found in the districts of Thalacherry, Kasargod, Kannur and Kozikkot in Kerala.
    It is a medium sized animal of dual utility and constitutes only 10% of the total goat population of the state. They do not have any uniform body colour. Majority of the goats are white or black but goats with mixed colours of black, white and brown are also found., They have medium sized head with straight face, some have slightly raised face also.
  3. A female tellicherri goats sometime gives birth to 4 kids in a year and the kids are sold for Rs 2,000 each when they attain 3-4 months of age.
  4. The average milk yield is recorded as 65 kg in a lactation of 172 days.
  5. They are also fed with the jack leaves and coconut oil cakes
  6. Triplets is common in this breed
  7. Leads 20 kg weight with in 3 months.
  8. Between 5-6 months of Age, it will be ready for Breed (Maturity). Both Male & Female.
  9. It gives Milk up to 2 litres.
  10. Milk will be thicker than other goat’s.
  11. It will deliver 2 – 3 lamb (Kutty) at a time.
  12. ARUKHAM PUL (GRASS), CO3, CO4 are the best feeds.
  13. It can also eat other green leaves.
  14. But CO3, CO4 are used to increase their weight.
  15. These Tellicheeri goats  suitable for Indian climates, Resistant to most of the weather conditions.
  16. Shed Storage, Wooden Floor (with small reaper) is hygienic for all goats except Nattadu.
  17. White colour is speciality of Thalassery goat breed.
  18. Thalassery goats TamilNadu: (CBE) price/kg in live = Rs.275/- (pure breed) for Female Goat. (CBE) price/kg in live = Rs.290/ (pure breed)for Male Goat.Infant Goat (Below 1 year) = Rs. 330/ /Kg.
SIZE BUCKS (Male) DOES (Female)
Body Weight 38 kg 31 kg
Body Length 70 cm 63 cm
Chest Girth 73 cm 67 cm


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