Tibetan Sheep Breed Profile Information

Distribution: The Tibetan sheep breed are found in northern Sikkim and the Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Tibetan sheep breed features:

They produce excellent, lustrous, carpet-quality wool, which was earlier available in plenty in regions bordering Tibet when the border was open. However, with the closure of cross-border trade since 1962, little Tibetan wool is now available.  Tibetan sheep are medium sized animals, primarily white with a black or brown face. Often brown and white spots are also observed on the body. Both sexes are horned. The nose line is convex, giving a typical Roman nose. The ears are small, broad and drooping. The fleece is relatively fine and dense. The belly, legs and face are devoid of wool. Flock size varies greatly and can range from 50 to 250 animals. The animals are pure-bred, with the exception of some cross-breeding with Merino that has been introduced in the Kameng district to improve fleece production and quality.

Animals are shorn twice a year, in April/May and October/November. The fleece weight per clip is 400 – 900 gm with an average fibre diameter of 13 μ and a medullation percentage of 19. Information on present numbers of this breed is not available.

tibetan sheep
Tibetan sheep

Flock structure: Flacks generally consist of 5 to 6 males and 70 to 80 adult females and their young.

Breeding: Animals are pure-bred.

Height/Weight of Tibetan sheep breed chart:

Average for both male and female
Body weight (kg) 27
Body length (cm) 69
Height at withers (cm) 64
Chest girth (cm) 80


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