Vaccination Schedule for Goats

 Vaccination Schedule for Goats:
Vaccination schedule
Vaccination schedule
  • Before onset of breeding, problematic animals should be culled from the flock.
  • Neonatal mortality can be prevented by improving the level of nutrition in advanced stages of pregnancy (last 6 weeks), ensuring hygienic condition in the kidding sheds, providing proper bedding, and ensuring early feeding of colostrums.
  • Does with chronic pneumonia, mastitis, and disabling arthritis, poor body condition should be culled from the flock.
  • Undernourished sheep/goats are likely to develop pregnancy toxemia and may deliver kids with poor livability. So pregnant animals should be fed with additional level of food.
  • Chronic diseases in adult goats like gastrointestinal infection (Coccidiosis. Mycobacterium paratuberculosis) and gastrointestinal parasites (Haemonchus sp., tapeworm and immature amphistomes) affect the digestive tract, retard the growth, weaken the physic and stunt the animal. The affected animal act as a carrier hence should be removed from the flock.

Here is the  chart for vaccination schedule for goats:

Months Vaccine Adult Goat Kids (above 6 months)
January Contagious pleuro pneumonia (C.C.P.P.) 0.2 ml I/dermal 0.2 ml I/dermal
March Haemorrhagic Septicaemia 5 ml S/c 2.5 ml S/c
April Goat Pox Scrach method Scarch method
May Entero toxaemia F.M.D. 5 ml S/c
5 ml S/c
2.5 ml S/c
5 ml S/c
June Rinderpest 1 ml S/c 1 ml s/c
July Black Quarter 5 ml s/c 2.5 ml s/c
August F.M.D. 5 ml s/c 0.5 ml S/c
September Enterotoxaemia 5 ml S/c 2.5 ml S/c

Note :Consult you veterinary doctor or animal husbandry doctor for up to date vaccination schedule.


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